A UK based consortium focusing upon the development of palliative care in hospital, hospice and home-based settings in developing countries and resource-limited situations.

Palliative Care Works
launches its series of

Five short training films in
Palliative Care

For over 12 years the charity Palliative Care Works has been training and developing palliative care professionals and volunteers who work in resource limited settings.

It has now produced, as a companion to its highly successful Palliative Care Toolkit and Trainer’s Manual, a series of short training films, to be launched on December 8th 2021.

The five films are distributed through VIMEO, and cover core topics for training in palliative care. Users will be provided with full scripts and additional guidance notes for trainers or facilitators. The scripts may be used in training as a ‘play reading’, or may be used to film with local actors for authenticity.

Please join us for the Launch Webinar on

Wednesday December 8th from
1.00—2.00pm UT (GMT)

(Nairobi 4.00pm / New Delhi 6.30pm / Bogota 8.00am)

Respond by email
and you will be sent the link for the Launch Webinar